Towing laws in South Carolina

Towing laws in South Carolina

Towing laws in South Carolina

The state of Carolina is responsible for overseeing the process of determining the safety of towing vehicles, minimum requirements of insurance and working to ensure the credibility of towing businesses. In addition to this, it also authorizes the maximum limit and rates for towing for tows without consent.

Brake laws

It is a mandatory clause for any vehicle to have well-fitted service brakes that work adequately in controlling vehicle movement bringing it to a stop. Additionally, the brakes should be able to hold the vehicle while carrying any amount of load regardless of the grade of operation. In the state, all vehicles must have a braking system for all the wheels if assembled or manufactured after the year 1949. This rule, however, exempts trailers or semitrailers which have a gross weight of fewer than 3000 lbs. The total weight which includes the wheels is should be less than 40% gross weight after combining the towing vehicle to the trailer. In every towing vehicle semitrailer or a trailer, the brakes installed should be arranged in a manner that the service brakes can be controlled from one control device.

Trailer hitch and laws of signaling

The driver must ensure that the trailer has sufficient strength required to pull the towed weight despite the connection whether drawbar or any other suitable connection. In addition to this, a maximum distance of 15 feet from the connection point must be maintained between the towing vehicles. The distance can, however, be regulated if the object being transported is not readily dismembered from the tow vehicle. When towing another vehicle a white flag can be substituted using a cloth that should measure more than 12 inches for vehicles using a chain, cable or rope for connection.

Mirror laws

The rear view of the driver should never be obstructed as this could pose a hazard on the roads due to a limited view. This calls for the equipping of a rearview mirror at the driver’s position whereby he can reflect the highway view for a distance of not less than 200 feet.

Speed limit

This rule controls the driving speed of modular, manufactured or even mobile homes. The law requires the transportation of such vehicles to drive within a range of 10 miles under the set maximum speed limit if the posted limit goes beyond 45 mph while still driving under 55 mph. In this case, a towing vehicle pulling a house trailer must adhere to the maximum speed limit for such vehicles at 45 mph. Also, check about the towing laws in Florida so you don’t have to visit other sites.