Towing laws in Florida

Towing laws in Florida

Towing laws in Florida

Getting that your vehicle has been towed off for whatever reason is usually not a pleasing experience for any driver on the road. A vehicle is bound to be towed off by business owners and property representatives if it is illegally packed within the specified premise. The tow companies despite having this free run are obligated to release your vehicle upon which one is required to pay off a stipulated amount of service fee.

Authority to tow                                                                                  

Parties who own or are leasing property along with their representatives are obligated to tow a vehicle that has been parked illegally within their premises. Despite this allowance, notices must be visible within the premises that forbid the areas to be tow-away zones. However, the residences of single families do not enjoy this rule. The towing process in the state does not leave out water vessels as transportation means on water. Vessels such as watercraft and airboats are included in this rule.


A report to the local police must be issued within which details of the towing process and facility of storage are to be included. While at the storage facility, the owner can view get access to the vehicle subject to the working hours of the towing company. The business should have a contact on their site whereby one could reach them when it is past the business hours.

Towing act

Showing up at the scene when the car is being towed might prove to be a lucky shot whereby the owner is allowed to pay to the towing company a service fee. Unlawful parking is illegal in the state however a chance is given to prevent the vehicle from being towed. The service fee charged is also regulated whereby it should be less than half of the amount paid for tow rates. A receipt is hence issued after the process with an inability to pay the fee leading to the towing away of the vehicle.

Car repossession

The default of an auto loan gives rights of repossession of the vehicle by the lender without any prior notice. At this point, the law allows authorized personnel to gain access to even private residences. However, during this process, ultimate professionalism must be used in the procedure whereby physical force is prohibited along with threats. Additionally, the lender is still allowed to pursue a balance owed if the vehicle does not fully cater for the loan. How illegal and wrongful towing in Florida can put you in trouble and how to get back your vehicle, know all in this post.